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Eight Reasons You Should Vote for Biden

I admit that this post is too long, but there really are some good reasons that you should vote for Joe Biden for president. Here are just eight of them, and I want to give them fair treatment.

  1. You should vote for Joe Biden if you want your city to look like Portland, Seattle, Kenosha, Minneapolis, Washington DC or any of the other cities that have experienced major unrest over the past few months. Almost all of these are cities that are solidly in Democratic hands, in states that are solidly in Democratic hands, and have been for decades. The policies that have turned these blue cities and states into whirlpools of arson, looting, anti-police violence and murder are policies of the Democratic party. While demanding that Donald Trump denounce “white supremacists” and falsely claiming that he won’t, Biden refuses to denounce the leftist violence that is running wild in our cities and his staffers have contributed to funds that bail out rioters and other violent criminals. His running mate, Kamala Harris, has supported the same funds. Kamala visited a man accused of sexual assault and said she was “proud” of him–presumably for reaching for a knife and forcing police to shoot him in the back. She did not have any kind words for his victim, nor did she take time to visit two sheriff’s deputies shot in the face.
  1. You should vote for Joe Biden if you want your guns confiscated. When asked if people were justified to fear that a Biden administration would “come for” their guns, Biden said, “Bingo! If you have an assault weapon.” Don’t think for a minute that Democrats only want your AR-15s and your AK-47s. Any firearm could be used to resist tyranny, that is why they are all protected by the Second Amendment, and that is why, ultimately, they will all be banned. Biden has declared that Robert Frances “Beto” O’Rourke, who answered “hell, yes” when asked if he would try to seize guns, will be in charge of gun policy in a Biden administration. [My response to O’Rourke is here http://www.rkpaden.com/2019/09/16/my-response-to-beto/ ]
  1. You should vote for Joe Biden if you want the Supreme Court permanently turned into a mini-legislature made up of unelected liberal justices who serve for life. After decades of suffering with an activist liberal majority on SCOTUS, Republicans seemed poised to return the court to sanity by confirming a majority of constructionist justices on that body. But Democrats believe that they are entitled to control of the Supreme Court and are threatening to “pack” it if they can by adding more liberal judges to the bench. When asked if he would support this action, Joe Biden has refused to answer, asserted that the voters have no right to know what he will do and declared that he will announce his position after the election. (Interpretation: he will pack the court.) Update: Joe now says that he will announce his intention after he sees how the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett “is handled.” (Interpretation: no matter what he says now, if elected he will pack the court if that is what his leftist base demands–and it will be.)
  1. You should vote for Joe Biden if you want the U.S. economy shut down indefinitely to protect you from Covid-19. Biden has declared that he will not hesitate to shut the country down again if “the scientists” tell him he should. But while “science” is anything but settled on this (or any other) issue, Democrats have consistently wanted the nation shut down, ostensibly to save lives during the pandemic, but actually because they believe it will help them defeat Donald Trump. But face it, they just love ordering common folk around and telling them how to live their lives and the Covid-19 pandemic has just been the best opportunity they have ever had to seize such extraordinary powers. They are not wasting this crisis, and they are not going to be in any hurry to surrender those extraordinary powers. Their plans to “protect” the US from Covid-19 are going to rob you of freedom and kill the patient.
  1. You should vote for Joe Biden if you want the U. S. economy shut down indefinitely to protect you from the Global Climate Crisis. Despite his public repudiations of most of the “Green New Deal” Joe Biden has declared that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will chair his “Environmental Task Force” and that means this ex-bartender Marxist congresswoman will be in the perfect position to force Biden back to the policies that he supported months ago in order to win the support of the socialists. America’s energy independence, just realized for the first time in a century under Donald Trump, will be no more. Hundreds of thousands of self-sustaining jobs in the energy sector will disappear to be replaced by thousands of “green” energy jobs heavily subsidized by government bailouts–subsidies that also will line the pockets of campaign donors and other favored parties. (See Solyndra.) The environmentalist agenda has nothing to do with saving the planet and everything to do with controlling the American people.
  1. You should vote for Joe Biden if you want this to be the last (semi) free and fair election in our nation. If you want America radically changed from the nation you now know to something much more akin to Venezuela or Cuba, the Democrats are your party. They have promised that if they can seize power now, they will:
    • End the Senate filibuster, allowing them to enact any legislation with a simple majority of votes. This has been referred to as “the nuclear option.”
    • With control of the presidency and both houses of congress, they will enact statehood for Puerto Rico and Washington DC, adding four more certain Democratic seats to the Senate.
    • With full control of the legislative and executive branches, the Democrats have promised to enact mandatory universal mail-in balloting for all future federal elections, legalize ballot harvesting and outlaw all voter ID laws across the country. What we have seen in Minneapolis [https://nypost.com/2020/09/27/project-veritas-uncovers-ballot-harvesting-fraud-in-minnesota/] will be the norm all across America and Republican candidates will never win another national election.
  1. You should vote for Joe Biden if you really like the swamp. Joe Biden has been in Washington for almost half a century, he epitomizes the corruption and sleaze of the DC Swamp and every creature of the mud and slime has worked and is working tirelessly for his election.
    • Hunter’s Laptop: Just hitting the news, but it was turned over to the FBI almost a year ago during the Trump Impeachment debacle, and that Deep State agency has been sitting on it ever since. Fortunately, the whistle-blower kept a copy of the hard drive and it has now become public. Someone at the FBI leaked to the press that this story is being investigated as “Russian disinformation” but the fact that it is Hunter’s laptop has been verified, many of the damning emails have been independently corroborated by others involved in the scheme, and the Biden campaign will not specifically deny the facts, only repeating that the whole story has been “discredited.” (It has not.) On most of the “mainstream” networks, this story has received zero (0) coverage. If you don’t watch Fox News Network you probably don’t even know it is happening. Here’s a quick summation: there is now serious, credible evidence that Biden’s “fire the prosecutor or you don’t get the billion” phone call to Ukraine was a “pay-for-play” quid pro quo that protected his son and personally profited him and his family financially. There is also serious, credible evidence that Biden and his family profited from similar deals with the Chinese Communist Party.
    • Just as Important as the Crime, the Coverup: The swamp’s friends, who never blocked a single story damaging to Donald Trump, no matter how unsubstantiated, unverifiable or unreliable its source, have decided that no one should be allowed to share the story about Hunter’s emails and have blocked tweets and postings linked to the article about it on the New York Post’s website. (The New York Post is one of America’s oldest and most reputable newspapers.) Twitter has even suspended the official White House account and Facebook has blocked their page. Barely two weeks from the election, this amounts to election interference on an unprecedented scale.
  1. Finally, you should vote for Joe Biden if you never want to know the truth about the greatest political scandal in American history–the first attempted coup. All of the following are known facts:
    • Before Donald Trump was elected, the United States Justice Department and the FBI launched an illegal investigation of the candidate and those around him, based on a document that they knew was garbage and that they knew was paid for by his political opponent, Hilary Clinton.
    • The FBI lied on affidavits to the FISA court, falsified documents and engaged in other illegal and unethical acts to continue the investigation long after it was known that there was no grounds for it.
    • FBI Director James Comey leaked classified information to the press in order to compel the appointment of “Special Counsel” Robert Mueller to investigate the Trump administration.
    • The Mueller investigation was staffed entirely by anti-Trump lawyers who spent almost three years and $32 million trying to find anything they could pin on Donald Trump, without success, but in the process indicting and convicting several of Trump’s associates of “process crimes” in order to create the appearance that the administration was mired in scandal and controversy. Now, when an investigation into the corrupt origins of the probe has finally been launched, it was discovered that fifteen (15) cell phones used by the Mueller team had been “accidentally” wiped clean.

Federal Prosecutor John Durham has been investigating all of this, but his probe, now over a year old, has yielded only one concrete result, a guilty plea by a relatively low-level lawyer at the FBI. Durham’s long-awaited report continues to be inexplicably delayed, and will not appear until after the election…if at all. If Joe Biden is elected, the unknown facts about the first attempted coup in American history will never see the light of day. They will disappear into the same black swamp sinkhole that now holds the Fast and Furious scandal, Hilary Clinton’s 30,000 deleted emails, the Uranium One deal, the Bill Clinton/Jeffery Epstein connection and untold other goings-on of the DC Swamp and Deep State. That, too, is where Hunter’s laptop, its damning emails and Joe Biden’s corruption will disappear.

If this is what you want, then you should vote for Joe Biden.


In a presidency that should be lauded for its accomplishments, one of the most invaluable services that Donald Trump has given to this nation is his success in forcing the Deep State out from under its rock and into the open for all to see. Similarly, his determination to drain the swamp has driven the swamp creatures (both Democratic, Republican and Other) out of their minds and into a state of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) that has given America its first crystal clear look at who they really are. In psychological terms, it’s called “projection:” seeing in others the flaws or faults that afflict you. In political terms, it is the adoption of this maxim of the philosophical founder of communism/socialism/statism:

“Accuse Your Enemy Of What You Are Doing, As You Are Doing It To Create Confusion”

Karl Marx

And so the Democrats have accused Donald Trump of trampling the Constitution and flaunting the law–even as they used the awesome police surveillance powers of the United States government to spy on his campaign and later his administration.

They accused Donald Trump of “colluding” with Russia to steal the election–even as Hilary Clinton paid for Russian disinformation to smear him and to help launch the baseless investigation mentioned above.

They accused Donald Trump (and impeached him) for a quid pro quo with the President of Ukraine–even as Joe Biden, their (soon-to-be) candidate for the presidency, could be seen on video threatening the President of Ukraine with withholding one billion dollars in aid from that foreign nation if the prosecutor was not fired–the Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating corruption at the gas firm where Biden’s son held a “no show” directorship for which he was paid somewhere between $50k and $85k a month.

They accused Donald Trump of sowing division and hatred–even as they unleashed on him and his administration a tidal wave of vitriol and rancor unparalleled in American history. Since his inauguration he has been subjected to unrelenting attacks, some of them so explicit in their evocation of violence that they were worthy of investigation by the Secret Service…even if most of them did not elicit such an investigation. (Just a few examples: the image of Kathy Griffin holding Trump’s “severed head”, Snoop Dog shooting the “clown Trump” in one of his videos, and the play in New York featuring Trump as Julius Caesar, stabbed to death by his ministers.) Over and over, Trump has been accused of fostering hate and division, but he does so only by serving as the lightning rod for their endless vituperation. As I have said before, blaming Trump for the hatred in America today is like blaming the Jews for antisemitism. Now, with his recent hospitalization for Covid-19, Trump has drawn out the most disgusting clots of the left’s poison from America’s veins, and it can be seen clearly in all its disgusting infamy on social media.

A long time ago I stopped paying much attention to friend requests on Facebook. It’s not because I don’t want friends; it’s because I just don’t spend a lot of time on Facebook and I already get a lot more traffic on my timeline than I can actually observe in the few minutes that I do waste there. But I did have one friend to whom I responded much more often than any other. He is a doctrinaire liberal/leftist/Democrat and I enjoyed arguing with him about current events, but mostly just responding to his ongoing attacks on Donald Trump, to whom he usually referred as “ScumFraud” and often as liar, racist, traitor, etc. He even casually accuses Donald Trump of being personally responsible for all of the 200,000+ Covid-19 deaths in the USA. Our conversations were all pretty much the same. He would post commentary that attacked Donald Trump, I would defend the president and sometimes ask him for specific examples of the evil things of which he accused Mr. Trump. He would usually respond with some condescending references to me as a sycophantic follower of Trump, but never those specifics I requested.

I just unfriended him. I have never unfriended anyone before, and honestly, it bothers me. I didn’t unfriend him because of his leftist political views or the way that he argued them. I didn’t even unfriend him because of his oft-described hatred of Donald Trump and anyone associated with him. I unfriended him because he is so affected by TDS that he sees nothing wrong with publicly wishing that the President of the United States would “suffer mightily” and then “expire in anguish.” This is a level of blind hatred that I do not need, want or can afford to have in my life.

This is what the left, the Democrats and the mainstream media have done to America–not Donald Trump. They need to be held responsible, and the only way to do that is to provide the mainstream media with the ultimate slap in the face by ignoring them and voting the Democrats and leftists out of government in an historic landslide one month from now.