About Me

What I Write (and why)

This is a pretty old picture. Unfortunately, I am much older and much uglier now.

You probably don’t want to hear that much about me, but maybe you’d like to hear about my work.

I don’t write “traditional” Christian fiction, and sometimes it’s not “Christian” fiction at all. I prefer to think of it as fiction that (usually) just happens to be written from a Christian or “biblical” worldview, and that can sometimes make things difficult as the author tries to tell a story. Take language, for example. In case you haven’t noticed, lots of people today use bad language, and I’m not referring to their grammar. A writer trying to tell a story with even a slight resemblance to reality must confront this fact and deal with it. Some might resort to the old dash-dash method. “Hey, you have s- -t on your shoe!” To me, that’s silly, because the word is still created in your mind. Wasn’t it? Others might gloss such words over. A cop pointing his gun at the vehicle where the armed suspect is sitting might yell, “get your rear end out of the car now!” Really? Or, the author can just avoid such dialogue altogether, and either restrict his subject matter to only the most pure of people and subjects (sorry, but that would be some very boring fiction) or leave the world of our reality far behind. The same dilemma applies to sexual activity. Don’t write about it at all? Gloss it over? Dash-dash it somehow? I don’t claim to know what others should do, but for language, sex and everything else, I prefer to just write it all out there just as I see it happening in the story. When I do, For Almost Mature Readers means there will be some coarse or vulgar language and some “adult” situations, but nothing very graphic. Intended for Mature Readers means that there may be coarse and vulgar language, adult situations and relatively mild depictions and discussions of sexual activity. Intended Only for Mature Readers means all of that plus fairly explicit depictions and discussion of sexual activity. I don’t want to offend anybody! If you are offended by such language or reading about sex, you probably should not read most of my fiction. You should buy them, just don’t read them!