Calvin Eubanks

As you might guess from the description, this one is a very dark tale of good versus evil, with a very old evil masking itself as something new. When I started writing it, I had an ending in mind that was also very dark and very sad, but as I got there, it didn’t happen that way.

Intended for Mature Readers

NASA engineer Calvin Eubanks is successful, proud and agnostic, but he is depressed as he dwells upon the futility of Man’s attempts to escape the cradle of earth. The speed of light is a limiting factor that cannot be overcome, and the distances between star systems are just too great. Perhaps there is another way, another step beyond “science” as we know it, and Dr. Eubanks has been chosen by the alien being Tolbert to receive this knowledge and lead mankind to the stars. But in order to overcome the laws of the rational universe, Dr. Eubanks must learn to call upon the Powers of the irrational upon which it is founded and accept that the concepts of right and wrong are no longer relevant for him. As he does this, he will confront mysteries and terrors that will push his mind to the borders of sanity and beyond.

Tolbert has much to teach his ambitious student, but are these skills new, or something older than mankind and darker than the farthest reaches of the universe?  Print and Kindle Versions