Cutting Off Your Nose…

We have just witnessed an election here in the United States that would have been more at home in Cuba, Venezuela, the former Soviet Union or Russia today, and if the ones who stole it have their way, the United States of America will be well on its way to becoming a socialist workers’ paradise like Cuba, Venezuela, the former Soviet Union or Russia today.

Now there are some people, active, well-respected, supposedly smart Republicans who are actually suggesting that freedom-loving Americans should boycott the January runoff elections in Georgia to make the point that we don’t like it. With all due respect to the people who suggest that, it would be stupid, stupid, stupid! The enemies of freedom may have succeeded in cheating us out of victory this time, but “boycotting” the runoff election would simply grant them victory by default and allow them to permanently consolidate the power that they have stolen! My folks used to call that “cutting off your nose to spite your face,” a foolish and self-destructive exercise of frustration, like refusing to eat any of your own birthday cake because you don’t like turning sixty-three.

By coming out and voting for Donald Trump in a true landslide, Americans forced our enemies to cheat on such a monumental scale that it could not be hidden as the usual “voting irregularities” that we have always seen before. They had to go all in with unconstitutional election law changes, electronic vote theft that will eventually be clearly revealed in a careful analysis of the numbers, and a tidal wave of fraudulent mail-in ballots in boxes, trash cans, suitcases by the truckload, freshly printed, never-folded and marked as a vote for Joe Biden for president and no other race—and then fed through the counting machines three or four times.

Even if successful, this was a theft that cannot be hidden. Even if it could not be overturned it should motivate the nation to reform the election laws of all states so that such a thing cannot be accomplished again. If we stay strong, vote, and keep control of the Senate we can prevent them from permanently cementing their grip on the power that they have stolen. And in the long run, deprived of their accustomed pathway to victory (cheating) our enemies will find themselves severely handicapped in all future elections.

We have to do the same thing again: vote in such overwhelming numbers that they cannot steal this election without “water-main breaks,” midnight deliveries of truckloads of fraudulent ballots and cheating so obvious that all of America will see it. And then, if they do that, we need to fight them as if our nation’s survival depended on it. It does.

One other thing: Georgians should either recall Governor Kemp and Secretary of State Raffensperger or primary them out of office in 2022. More about this later.