Memoirs of Howard Raymond Paden

Sharecropper, Soldier, Son of the King;
The Memoirs of Howard Raymond Paden

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These are the memoirs of my father, Howard Raymond Paden, who passed away November 1, 2014. Dad was one of the finest men that I ever knew, and as I worked on this book, I could not help but be humbled, reflecting on the difficulties that life presented him from his earliest moments, his childhood, his experiences in World War II and his return to civilian life. Dad’s testimony touched the lives of many others, but especially those of his family.

This is not a long book, and most people will be able to finish it in two or three sittings, but there are many old photos that open a window into life in a bygone century, when times were much simpler, and much, much harder.

I do not take credit as author of this one, of course. It was dictated by my father, transcribed by my sister and then edited by both of us. I did the photos and other images (picking, scanning, cropping, enhancing, PhotoShopping, etc.) the book layout, cover design and publishing on Print and Kindle version