The Redemption of Sharon Kilpatrick

Intended for Mature Readers

What is the worst thing that could happen to a young mother and her two daughters? Death? No, Sharon Kilpatrick knew that she would have killed her daughters with her own hands to spare them this horror, but she was not given that chance. Instead she did all that she could possibly do to take it upon herself. It wasn’t enough, but she tried.The peace of death should have been there for them all at the end, but Sharon was given a chance to save their lives, and now they have escaped from murder at least. But did they? Do they live, or are they as dead as the men who took them, the men that she killed?A broken home, shattered lives, and hopeless, endless pain. Is there healing for such a wound? Perhaps not, but if it exists, Sharon’s husband has devoted his life to finding it for his two daughters and the woman he loves.

Until death parts them Print and Kindle Version