The Pastor’s Wife

The Pastor’s Wife is not my first novel, but it is the first I self-published, and it took decades (literally) to make the decision to give up in my search for that mythical creature, the literary agent. I just finished (and published) a major revision to the book that starts the story a little quicker than before. A slow start was one of the only complaints/suggestions I received about it. Another was the sort-of sad ending, but I couldn’t do anything about that.

Intended for Mature Readers

Lynn West is married to a faithful man of God and has everything that she ever wanted. Everything, that is, except for her heart’s deepest desire, something God has denied her and no man, apparently, can give to her. Nevertheless, she continues to do her duty to God and to her pastor husband, determined that Daniel will never stray because his needs were not met at home. But it is not the pastor for whom the Evil One has laid his snare.

Most people think that Arthur Coleman is a fine Christian man, a “pillar of the church.” Yet in the service of his secret master, he weaves a net of sorcery, seduction and murder to lure Lynn into his web. Hearts will be broken, lives shattered and blood spilled, but in the end, will the devil’s scheming serve his own ends, or those of the One to whom the pastor’s wife truly belongs? Print and Kindle Version