Sundown at Coffin Rock and Other Stories

The short story Sundown at Coffin Rock was my first published work. It was printed in the Dillon Precision Products Blue Press in 1994 and reprinted in 2009, with its sequel, Sunrise at Coffin Rock. These stories were very popular, and they are reprinted (with permission) in hundreds of very diverse sites on the Internet, and someone even made a short film published on YouTube. The final and previously unpublished installment in that series, Reflections of Coffin Rock is included with this anthology. The publication of Coffin Rock was really the impetus that kick-started my writing career, and I will always be thankful to Dillon and editor Mark Pixler for that nudge.

Suitable for Almost Mature Readers

Includes the previously unpublished third and final installment in the Coffin Rock series.

An old man leads his grandson to a secret cache of contraband firearms and the consequences follow the boy throughout his life. A mural with alarming implications is found at an archaeological dig on Mars. A robotic miner buried beneath a mountain is recovered eight centuries later. A rural police sergeant is plagued by a recurring nightmare that may be a warning . A woman makes a disturbing point in an argument with a friend. A man visits a brothel where medical technology and greed break down society’s last taboos. A miraculous revival breaks out in a death camp. A rare book leads a curious academic into horror and madness. A quiet evening at the magician’s club erupts into pandemonium with a demonstration of real magic. These tales and more in this collection of short stories and novellas by the author of Sundown at Coffin Rock.

Most of the stories in this book are very tame, and some are quite suitable for young readers…but there are a few that probably aren’t. That’s one of the problems with trying to put together a “collection” when one writes so many different types of stories. Print and Kindle Versions