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Weapons of War

As noted in a previous post, this time it is different and it looks as if Democrats and other enemies of freedom will finally accomplish another infringement on the “shall not be infringed” right of the people to keep and bear arms. One measure that Joe Biden, the Democrats and even some back stabbing Republicans seem to favor is putting some kind of restrictions (or outright bans) on so-called “weapons of war” such as the ubiquitous AR-15 rifle platform. But I have a serious warning for every trap or target shooter, plinker, sportsman, hunter or self-defense gun owner.

Don’t think that because you don’t own or use an AR-15, AK-47 or other “weapon of war” this infringement does not affect you. If the government succeeds in banning “weapons of war” (by that or any other name) then private ownership of all firearms in America will be doomed.

Wild-eyed hyperbole? No it is not. In U.S. v. Miller (1939) the United States Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment did protect the right of American citizens to be armed, but upheld the National Firearms Act of 1934 on the grounds that the weapons banned (in this case, a short-barreled shotgun) were not shown to be suitable for use by “the militia.”

Of course that is ridiculous, since short-barreled shotguns have always been used by military forces ever since there were shotguns, but no evidence was presented to the court that such was the case. The NRA did not involve itself, and not even the defendant (Miller) was present to argue on behalf of the Second Amendment. And so the first significant “infringement” on the right to keep and bear arms was allowed to remain law.

What does that have to do with your .22 target pistol or over-under shotgun? By the clear ruling of the Supreme Court in this case (which has not been overturned or repudiated) the Second Amendment does not protect the right of Americans to own any firearm other than those “suitable” for use by the militia, that is “weapons of war.” If weapons of war are banned all other firearms will follow.

This is a good time to remember that all of our fundamental rights were bestowed upon us by God, not granted by government. They cannot be withdrawn by the political process. They cannot be rescinded by executive order, act of Congress or decree of the Supreme Court. They cannot even be taken by a majority vote of our deluded fellow citizens. Our fundamental rights, including the right to be armed for the defense of all the others, can only be stripped from us by force, if we allow it.

And that is why God gave us the right to keep and bear arms and why our Founding Fathers so valued it. That is why “weapons of war” are exactly the kind of firearms that the Second Amendment is talking about.

“This time it is different!”

I expect that everyone who reads this blog (both of you) were probably surprised that I haven’t posted anything in the wake of the last two mass shootings and the attendant cries for more gun control. I am now, because this time it truly is different.

But first, what is not different about these and virtually all mass shootings. I am not going to differentiate in the circumstances because in every case these things are always the same:

  • Gun laws currently in effect did not prevent the shooting because (a) the shooter got his weapon illegally, (b) the shooter purchased his weapon legally and successfully negotiated the legal hurdles already in place, and (c) none of the measures now being proposed would have prevented the shooter from obtaining a weapon. In case you’re thinking about raising the minimum age to purchase an “assault weapon” to 21, please see (a) above.
  • “Balls were dropped” left and right that contributed to the shooting happening or made it much worse. For example, so-called “red flags” in the shooter’s social media history were unnoticed, ignored or unreported, or mistakes (incredible, unbelievable mistakes) were made during the immediate response to the shooting. These balls are never addressed by new proposed laws and almost never is anyone held accountable.
  • And always the same is the immediate knee-jerk reaction of the Democrats and other leftists who cannot even wait for the victims’ funerals before politicizing the act with their repeated cries to disarm the law-abiding American public.

What is different this time? Counting on a “Red Tsunami” in November that they did little to earn other than step back and allow the Democratic Party to lurch leftward into woke Socialism, some Republicans now feel that they can betray American gun-owners without fear of repercussions at the ballot box.

Oh, there is one other thing that is always the same: every infringement on the right to keep and bear arms ever accomplished was enacted with the participation of so-called “supporters of the Second Amendment.” Please make note of the Republicans who jump on this train. They are traitors to their oath of office and the American people, and should be “primaried” during their next election cycle. Whoever they are.

Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

If you want peace, prepare for war.

It is not strength that invites aggression, it is weakness. European leaders tried to appease Hitler by surrendering the Sudetenland in 1938** and that open display of cowardice and weakness inspired the German dictator, who then plunged the world into war. Japan did not bomb Pearl Harbor in 1941 because the United States was strong and ready. It attacked because it perceived America to be weak and unprepared. It expected that a quick and decisive strike would demoralize its enemy and leave it unable to respond. Both Hitler and the Japanese miscalculated, and the cost to them and to the entire world was terrible.

Vladimir Putin invaded and annexed Crimea in 2014 because he perceived that the United States, lead by Barack Obama, was weak and would not respond forcefully, and he was right. That display of weakness and cowardice inspired him, but he did not invade Ukraine during the administration of Donald Trump because he perceived that Trump would respond and in whatever manner was necessary to quell Russia’s violent intentions before they plunged the world into another devastating war. It wasn’t worth the risk when he knew that the entire Deep State was actively engineering a coup against the obstacle to his ambitions. He calculated that Trump would be gone soon enough.

Vladimir Putin has now invaded Ukraine because he perceives that the United States is being led by a doddering old man who can barely find his way to the podium unassisted, who halts in mid-sentence because he loses his train of thought and who makes Barack Obama look like Winston Churchill.

I wonder if Britain, France and Italy had refused to appease Hitler by handing him a big chunk of Czechoslovakia, would World War II still have happened? Possibly, but it is certain that this was the only moment when Europe had any chance to avoid the disastrous war that would leave most of it in ruins. Emboldened by the weakness and cowardice of Britain’s Chamberlain and France’s Daladier (and encouraged by his pal Mussolini from Italy) Hitler decided that no one had the courage to challenge his ambition for the Third Reich. Poland was next, and only then did Britain and France declare war on Germany, but it was too late. If the United States had not entered the war and paid a great price for their freedom, Britain, France and the rest of Europe would today be a part of the Third Reich.

The parallels to our situation today are inescapable. Putin sized up the situation and annexed Crimea in 2014. President Barack Obama provided Ukraine with blankets and offered only bitter complaints in the face of bold Russian aggression. Putin evaluated Donald Trump and decided to wait until Elder Statesman Joe Biden took the reigns of power in the United States. Then he invaded Ukraine. Poland will likely be next.

Everyone is talking about how me must avoid war with Russia. I too wish to avoid war with anyone but it takes two to make peace and only one to make war. I am very much afraid that, because of the weakness and vacillation of our leaders, war with Russia may now be inevitable. Unfortunately, Ukraine must apparently be fed to the bear first.

After British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain returned to England declaring that the agreement with Hitler had ensured “peace for our time,” Winston Churchill gave a speech before the House of Commons in which he told Chamberlain, “You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor, and you will have war.” Now we watch on the sidelines as the brave Ukrainian people fight alone for their freedom and their lives.

We are choosing dishonor, even though it is probably too late to avoid war.


**Czechoslovakian leaders were not invited to the conference in Munich where their nation was being bartered away. They were given a choice by Britain and France to accept the terms or resist the Nazis on their own. They accepted, but Czech Premier Syrovy protested to the world, “we have been abandoned.” Does that sound familiar?

The Tyrant’s Hammer

Speaking of insanity…

Don’t you wonder about why the progressive left is so eager to push utter nonsense like the idea of birthing persons, multiple gender identities, Critical Race Theory and such? It is the same reason that when you fly (back when the planes were still flying) the TSA made you open your bags, discard your baby’s milk, stand here, step there, take off your shoes, spread your arms in the naked x-ray machine, hold still while they feel you up, etc. It is the same reason that you must wear a mask–even though there is no science behind it.* It is the same reason that you must accept the vaccine or be excluded from public venues, transportation and lose your job–even though there is no explanation for how the unvaccinated can pose a threat to the vaccinated if the vaccine is effective.

The tyrant doesn’t give a rat’s posterior about the happiness of the LGBTQ++Whatever gang. They are simply a means to an end. The tyrant doesn’t care whether you believe in two or a thousand genders. The tyrant knows that there are only two but he intends to see them both enslaved.

The tyrant holds blacks, whites and everyone else in the same disregard. They are either pawns to assist his efforts or enemies to be overcome and enslaved or destroyed.

The tyrant knows that all of that nonsense at the airport has made no one safer in the air. He knows what you know: that there will never be another “hijacking” of a passenger jet because the passengers know what will happen and will take immediate action to stop it.

The tyrant knows that the mask is useless. That’s why he and his officers discard them when they think you won’t see, when they are visiting their hair salon, dining in their fine restaurants or partying at their multi-million dollar estates.

And the tyrant doesn’t care if you are protected from the Covid-19 virus by a vaccine, natural immunity or dumb luck. He doesn’t care if you avoid the virus and live or contract the virus and die. But he does care if you refuse to accept the vaccine that he has ordered for you.

Why? Because every time you step here, step there, raise your arms, take off your shoes, bend over… Every time that you allow yourself to be forced to call a man a woman because he pretends to be a woman… Every time that you agree to some stupid assertion such as “men can give birth”… Every time you admit that you are an “oppressor” just for being white, or “oppressed” just because you are black… Every time you subordinate your most personal health decisions to the orders of a tyrant…

Every time you do these things you are being conditioned to servitude. You are being trained to obey the Master’s voice. You are opening your mouth for the bit and bowing to the harness. Every time you surrender a bit of your freedom, you make the tyrant more your master and become more his slave.

I have been dismayed by how many Americans have so quickly yielded their liberty, fawned at the tyrant’s feet and held up their wrists and ankles for the chains. But I have been encouraged by how many Americans still retain the instinct to resist. To harden their necks against the yoke. To turn their backs on the tyrant, even when it is difficult and painful.

Yes, there is a tyrant in Washington, D.C. today, but all is not lost, for the star-spangled banner yet waves over the land of the free and the home of the brave.

*Trying to keep the virus out with a cloth mask is like trying to keep flies out of your home with chicken wire.

**How the vaccinated, who can still contract, carry and spread the virus just the same as the unvaccinated can be threatened by those who are unvaccinated (some of whom have natural immunity, which is demonstrably superior to the immunity obtained through the vaccine) remains one of the great mysteries of this pandemic.

Irreparable Harm

The Biden administration’s spokesperson is warning us to buy Christmas presents now (whatever we can find) because things aren’t going to get here by Christmas. Container ships are massing off the coasts near major ports. There are no dock workers to unload the ships and no truck drivers to haul the goods to market. The time and cost of shipping finished goods here has multiplied…and of course so many of our finished goods have to be shipped here because manufacturing jobs have been streaming away from the United States for decades…mostly to China

China, where our own government was funding the Chinese military’s biological warfare program, which used “gain of function” research (thank you, Dr. Fauci!) to create a virus that, once released (possibly by accident, possibly on purpose) would go on to kill millions of people around the world…

That Dr. Antony Fauci, who decreed that observing Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas with family was not allowed due to concerns about spreading the virus, but who approved the BLM and Antifa mass protests and riots that torched cities and wounded and killed citizens while the police were vilified, attacked, defunded, demoralized, handcuffed, ordered to stand down and forced to watch the cities they swore to defend descend into chaos, wanton crime and violence…

That virus, which has killed 700,000 or so Americans (if you trust our government’s numbers) devastated our economy and served as the impetus for a completely unprecedented seizure of unconstitutional powers by our governments, federal and many states…

Those governments, which have ordered businesses and churches closed, ordered citizens to remain in their homes, ordered citizens to wear masks, and now ordered citizens to accept a vaccine or face dire consequences, such as exclusion from public venues, accommodations and transport, and/or the loss of their livelihood…

That vaccine, which was produced using a completely new biological process (and aborted fetal tissue in some cases for production and others for testing, at least according to what we have been told) and which involves possibly severe side-effects (particularly for those with natural antibodies, who do not need the vaccine at all) but is required for all Americans regardless of their natural antibody status or personal medical decisions…

Those side effect that we suspect are not being accurately reported due to our government’s paramount concern that the truth might increase “vaccine hesitancy” but which even the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) demonstrates to be significant and in some cases very serious…

That concern about Covid-19 and the need for vaccination, which is so serious that this government has dropped our southern border, refused to enforce immigration law, and not just allowed but openly abetted the introduction of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants few (if any) of whom are vaccinated, a great many of whom are infected, and none of whom are required to take that vaccine...

I know, that was all essentially one long run-on sentence, but there is a method to the madness. The first wave of firings have begun, firings of the people who refuse to accept that vaccine–and some who have been vaccinated but are standing in solidarity with those resisting tyranny.

  • As our struggling economy tries to find its feet, when businesses in every field are suffering for a lack of workers, many of them are going to be fired (or quit) because they will not obey Joe Biden’s order.
  • As transportation and logistics companies struggle with recovery, and on the cusp of what may be the most severe disruption of global supply chains in modern history, pilots, flight attendants, luggage handlers, crane operators, truck drivers and so many other workers will be fired (or quit) because they will not obey Joe Biden’s order.
  • As crime rates in most major cities are skyrocketing, police officers are going to be fired (or quit) because they will not obey Joe Biden’s order.
  • As hospitals and other emergency medical services are struggling to cope with the pandemic and a backlog of “ordinary” medical conditions, doctors, nurses, paramedics and firefighters are going to be fired (or quit) because they will not obey Joe Biden’s order.
  • And while our country faces strategic threats around the world, a rising and increasingly aggressive China, the utter loss of international respect engendered by Biden’s disastrous retreat debacle in Afghanistan and the prospect of internal collapse and unrest, a great many of our service men and women, who have put their all on the line for this nation, are facing dismissal (and, as Joe Biden has decreed) a dishonorable discharge for refusing to obey Joe Biden’s order. (Just to be clear, since they are members of the military service, it is an unlawful and unconstitutional order from a commander-in-chief who is incompetent, incoherent, demonstrably mentally compromised and demonstrably national security compromised by China.)

I often thought during the Obama administration that our president was taking actions that he knew were detrimental to our nation’s health. I believed (and still do) that he was not motivated by a desire to see America thrive and (as the 45th President was to say) “make America great again!” Barack Obama did not and does not like America (like all liberal/progressives) much less love it. He (and they) want to “fundamentally change” America, and you do not want to fundamentally change something that you love or even like.

But even Barack Obama tried to give the impression that he was for America. He tried to let us believe that he was working in our nation’s best interests. The administration of Joe Biden has no interest in fostering that illusion. His administration does not wish to contribute to America’s greatness or even work for its survival. Every action taken by this administration so far has been calculated to do the most harm possible to our country.

Harm that likely will be irreparable.

Pest Control

Few things brought this nation together the way that the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 did. Now, after twenty years of memes, posters, songs and slogans reminding us to “never forget” it is appropriate that we reflect on the fact that, apparently, we did forget. Now we should prepare ourselves for something like it or worse to happen again, because it is going to.

I keep hearing that “everybody agrees that we had to get out of Afghanistan.” That is a lie. I don’t agree, and I’m sure that there are others who think the same way. It is true that we spent a trillion dollars,* thousands of lives and twenty years in that country, but why did we go there? Yes, to get the ones who planned and executed the terror attack of 9/11, but there was more to it than that.

I’m not talking about “nation building.” Over the last two decades, many of the people of Afghanistan (women, in particular) learned what it was like to live in a semi-democratic civilized country. They have lost that now, and I’m sorry for them, but that is not my major concern. It’s hard to find any example throughout human history where freedom was given to a people who kept it for any period of time. Enduring freedom is never granted or given; it is won, and right now there are men in Afghanistan who are still fighting for their freedom. But their cause is almost hopeless. They will get no help and we just armed their enemies beyond imagination. They are invisible, hidden by our traitorous news media, betrayed by our treasonous leaders and forgotten by the same people who forgot what happened twenty years ago in New York City, Washington DC and a field in Pennsylvania.

Yes, the cost of the war in Afghanistan was high, but not as costly as ignoring an enemy who is bent on our destruction. We should consider what we got for the blood and treasure. When America first ventured into that nation, often called the “Graveyard of Empires,” I heard it said quite often: “we are taking the war to them over there so that we do not have to fight them over here.” And that’s what we did. We fought them over there and as a result we enjoyed twenty years of relative peace at home. Yes, there were some “lone wolf” attacks like the Boston Marathon bombing, but no airplanes flown into buildings, no nukes set off in New York harbor, no anthrax released in the Mall of America.

Everyone who owns a house knows that you don’t spray for roaches one time and then sit back and relax.** “No more roaches! They’re all gone!” No, pest control is a never-ending task, because they will come back. We spray for roaches. We treat for termites. We call in the experts to evict the mice from our crawl spaces and the bats from our attics. It never ends. It is a task that you must continue for as long as you own your home or accept living with roaches, termites, mice and bats. In fact, the worst of it was behind us, the fumigation, the stink of insecticide, the major expenses. We had the roach problem under control.

And then we just quit. The roaches didn’t go away forever, so we gave up. It is as if we spent a trillion dollars, twenty years and a thousand lives building a big mansion and then one day we said, “this house costs too damn much!” So we just got up and walked out. No, it’s worse than that. It’s as if we abandoned the house to a bunch of people who hate our guts, want to kill us, and now have a nice big house in which to plan their next attack. We even left our gun collection behind for them.

The Soviet Union/Russia didn’t go away, and we still have troops all over Europe helping NATO keep the Western World safe for democracy. North Korea and China didn’t go away, and we still have troops in South Korea, protecting everything below the 38th parallel from the scourge of communism. We have troops all over the world in places where America’s national interest requires–some more, some less–but we don’t just quit and go home because the threats to our security didn’t go away after a few years.

Why was Afghanistan different? I have my ideas and opinions. It is really hard–impossible even–to imagine how the Biden administration could have done more to damage America, destroy its reputation around the world and lay the groundwork for future gut-wrenching agony and loss than the manner in which they disregarded our national interests and those of our allies in Afghanistan. But you know, it’s also hard to imagine any way that America’s future could be more imperiled than by utterly abandoning our nation’s southern border to an outright invasion by the drug cartels and a horde of third-world escapees with (as hard as it is to imagine) even less knowledge of our nation’s history and tradition of liberty than the average graduate from a Chicago public high school. It’s hard to think of any way to encourage runaway inflation, crush our economy and bankrupt America than the utterly out of control spending the Democrats have indulged since gaining their thinnest possible majority in Congress. And even as a writer of fiction, it beggars my imagination to invent anything as absurd as a President of the United States crippling our newly achieved energy independence at home while boosting the energy sector of our nation’s enemies and fostering the dependence of our allies on them. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Until it occurs to you that perhaps harming, crippling and destroying America is the goal. Until you realize that perfidy may hide behind senility, and treason may disguise itself as incompetence.

Either way, the roaches will be back before long. Count on it.



*Please don’t whine about the money. We have wasted a lot more money on so many stupid things that brought us no benefit and even harmed us. Of all the trillions that Democrats have spent in just the last few months, how much of that money will go to fund left-wing activists, “Green New Deal” warriors, socialist and communist colleges and their programs, BLM and Critical Race Theory whores, all helping to accelerate our destruction? Not to mention the millions that will be funneled off to the pockets of crooked politicians, their donors, families and friends.

**Credit to Greg Gutfeld for this spot-on analogy. But even though this is his thought, inexplicably, he still says that “we had to get out of Afghanistan.”

We Forgot

On September 11, 2001, Islamic terrorists hijacked four passenger jets. Two of them were flown into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, bringing them to the ground in flames. One crashed into the Pentagon. Some believe that the last jet was targeted on the White House, but the passengers, hearing reports of the other attacks and knowing that they were doomed anyway, heroically chose to assault the cockpit and bring that plane down in a Pennsylvania field. Almost 3,000 people were killed and more than 6,000 were injured. The attacks of 9/11 remain the deadliest terrorist act in world history. For months and years afterwards, our motto in response to 9/11 was “Never Forget!”

Do you remember the celebrations across the Islamic world as news of America’s losses were reported? The guns fired into the air, the laughter, the cheers, the shopkeepers handing out candy to the children? It was a terrible blow to the United States, but we struck back. Almost ten years later, Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of that attack, died in Pakistan with an American bullet in his brain put there by a U. S. Navy SEAL. The Taliban, who allowed bin Laden to shelter in Afghanistan while planning and executing the attack, also paid a dear price. The United States entered Afghanistan, crushed the Taliban and installed a (more or less) democratically-elected government.

Now, almost twenty years after that devastating attack, after a trillion dollars spent and thousands of American lives lost, the Islamic terrorists of the world are celebrating again. They are celebrating because, with Afghanistan almost completely under our control, a stable government in place, the Afghan people–for the first time in history–experiencing a taste of freedom, and after twenty years of safety at home from a significant terrorist attack, the United States suddenly surrendered and went home.

The United States of America, arguably the most powerful nation on earth, tucked tail and scurried out in the middle of the night leaving behind a billion dollars worth of sophisticated high-tech materiel that will now equip the Taliban warriors as they terrorize and subdue the Afghan people. America left behind thousands of Afghan patriots who risked their lives to aid our cause and to whom we had made solemn promises of safety, and who will now be hunted down and murdered by the Taliban using those weapons that Joe Biden donated to their cause. And we left behind hundreds (perhaps thousands–we don’t know for sure) of American citizens who will now serve as hostages to the Islamic terrorists to whom we ceded control of the country.

The attack of 9/11 was devastating to America, but it drew us together as a nation and strengthened our resolve to recover and exact revenge on those who planned that attack. What has just been done to the United States is worse than the events of 9/11. Much worse. America is an idea, and you cannot destroy an idea by flying planes into buildings and killing people–even thousands of them. You destroy the idea of America by seizing control of its government, demoralizing and dividing its people, infiltrating its population with millions of illegal immigrants and illegally imported refugees, corrupting its justice with preferential treatment for political allies and harsh persecution of political enemies, humiliating and betraying its warriors, alienating its allies, polluting its reputation with the stink of failure, dishonor and treachery, and lying to the citizens of this great country until the public despair of ever hearing the truth again from the nation’s leaders.

Joe Biden, the Democrats, the Deep State, the Globalists and their allies in the “woke” United States Military high brass are the ones who flew these planes into our building and brought it down. Where is the outrage? Where is the anger? Where is the righteous fury of the American people directed at the people who dealt the United States this terrible blow? Where is the leader who will rally Americans now? Where is our resolve to avenge this damage to our nation? Where is the voice that will unite all Americans in the cause of saving the country where our children must live their lives? Who will demand accountability for the ones who carried out this attack?

We have got to stop electing people who hate our country.


As America lives through the worst foreign policy disaster possibly in its history, it already looks like there will be very little accountability for anyone besides President Joe Biden–and little enough for him. But there are plenty of others who bear great responsibility for our nation’s humiliation and the deaths of Americans and Afghans — both recent and soon to come. Obviously the brown-nosing, butt-kissing political hack generals who stood by and watched this debacle unfold, all while nodding obediently and repeating, “yes sir, yes sir, yes sir.” How tragic that none of them had the courage of Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, who just lost his command, his commission and his pension* for speaking publicly about the failure in leadership that has betrayed America’s warriors, her friends and the entire nation.

Next on my list is the First Lady, “Doctor” Jill Biden. She, more than anyone else, knew that this man was not competent to lead a dog to the yard, much less the most powerful nation on earth. I won’t speculate as to why she went along with this fraud, but she had to know what kind of condition he was in when she was hiding him in the basement during the campaign, leading him here and there and helping to cover up his obvious inadequacy to the task. I have to wonder if her absence from the public eye of late is due to shame. No, I don’t think so. All of these people are far beyond shame.

Speaking of shame, the mainstream media should be feeling it, but they aren’t. It was the mainstream media that decided anyone was better than Donald Trump and of all the “anyones” available, Joe Biden was the most likely to defeat the hated Enemy of the Swamp. They shamelessly shilled for him, covered up his gaffes, glossed over his inadequacies, excused his bewildering absence from the campaign trail and finally, in an epic example of journalistic malfeasance, dishonesty and election interference that will surely go down in history, blacked out the news about Hunter’s laptop and perpetuated the lie that the story was “Russian disinformation.” They are turning on him now, but they put him in office and bear a heaping big steaming pile of guilt.

Along those same lines the leaders of the Democratic Party surely bear a lion’s share, for once they decided (just like the MSM) that of all those in the race Joe was the only one with a snowball’s chance of defeating Trump, they cheated their party’s voters and made a mockery of democracy in order to make sure that he was the eventual nominee. It the same thing that they did for Hilary, but Biden would have fared no better than Rodham-Clinton except for the next guilty party on our list.

No list of recriminations would be complete without mentioning the “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” the operatives who organized and carried out the most massive–and consequential–election theft in American history. Lawyers who helped bring the lawsuits in the months leading up to the 2020 election, forcing unconstitutional voting law changes in key battleground states that unleashed a tidal wave of mail-in ballots; judges who placed their finger on the scales of justice to achieve a political goal–and we must not here forget those Supreme Court Justices who turned their backs on the Constitution and allowed unconstitutional changes in voting laws to stand before the election and after; operatives who harvested hundreds of thousands of those mailed-out ballots from the confused elderly, the corrupt indifferent and those who never even knew that their unsolicited mail-in ballot had been waylaid; the election workers who carried in the boxes, bags, bundles and in some cases pallets of illegitimate ballots and even gathered around marking them for Joe Biden before placing them into the mix; the workers who ran stacks of ballots through the counting machines over and over; the managers who covered all of this up, ordering authorized poll-watchers off of the counting floor in direct violation of the law; and of course let us not forget the police officers and deputies who did the strong-arm dirty work for these thieves, threatening poll-watchers with arrest and tossing them out, leaving their own posts at opportune moments to facilitate the crimes, violating their oath to defend and protect the United States Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and in so doing became one of those enemies most foul. I hope that all of these people are aware tonight that they have earned a special kind of dishonor among those who foisted this illegitimate, incompetent, corrupt and possibly treasonous administration upon America. The blood of the men and women of our military, as well as the blood of all others who have died and who will die around the world and here in America because of their perfidy cries out from the soil. I hope that they will hear that cry for the rest of their lives and (unless they repent) from a very, very special place in hell.

*Scheller resigned his commission just three years from retirement after being summarily stripped of his command for speaking out publicly to demand accountability of his superiors for the debacle in Afghanistan. For contrast, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman listened in to a phone call by the Commander-in-Chief, revealed details about the conversation that “concerned” him, and launched the absurd political impeachment of Donald Trump. Vindman was lauded and protected by the the deep state and the Pentagon and was eventually promoted to full colonel before his retirement.


I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

— Presidential Oath of Office, specified in Article II, Section One, Clause 8, of the United States Constitution

Sometimes the best way to understand the ramifications of a situation is to use an analogy or hypothetical situation to change the circumstances but clarify the issue. Try to imagine this:

A new president is elected and sworn in, and on day one of his term he issues an executive order halting the prosecution of all federal drug crimes. Border Patrol agents are instructed to allow contraband drugs to pass into the country without restriction. Drug smugglers and large-scale dealers are allowed to operate unmolested. Probably some libertarians would applaud, but most of us would be horrified.

Or let’s say that our new president orders a halt to the enforcement of all federal gun laws. The BATFE are ordered to focus on the BAT and E and leave the F alone. The FBI background check system is abandoned and anyone who wants is allowed to manufacture, sell or possess any firearm they like. Some people would consider this a vast improvement over the current system where our constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms is under constant assault, but a lot of people would absolutely lose their minds.

In these cases, the nation would be shocked by the lawlessness of its chief executive. These laws were passed by Congress and signed into law by a president. The current president does not get to simply decide not to enforce the laws of our nation. The press would be outraged. People would protest. Lawsuits would be filed.

Of course you probably see where this is going. Our current president took office and immediately halted the protection of our borders and the enforcement of America’s immigration laws. The only reason that this abrogation of responsibility went mostly unnoticed is that we have just come to expect it. Our last president, Donald J. Trump, is probably the only president in the last 20 years who took those laws seriously and actually tried to enforce them. Republican or Democrat, for decades our nation’s chief executives have been lackadaisical when it came to protecting our nation’s borders, but this reached new heights under President Obama, who, after admitting that he didn’t have the authority to legalize the children of illegal immigrants, went ahead and did it anyway by executive order. When President Trump tried to reverse that unconstitutional overreach with his own executive order, the Supreme Court prevented it! Nevertheless, Trump made progress on the construction of a much-needed border wall and enacted policies and reforms that dramatically reduced the flood of illegal immigrants across our southern border.

But hours after swearing to “faithfully execute” the office, Joe Biden reversed Trump’s polices, halted construction of the wall and announced to the world that America’s border would no longer be enforced, inviting anyone and everyone to cross into the United States illegally. He has swollen the coffers of the drug cartels with money taken from desperate people trying to take him up on that offer as well as billions in drug profits now smuggled easily into the states while Border Patrol officers are busy catching and releasing illegal immigrants and caring for unaccompanied minors abandoned in the desert all along the border. The mainstream media, who screamed in horror as the Trump administration tried to deal with the flood of children it inherited from the Obama Administration, has turned a blind eye to the thousands of children literally stacked in makeshift shelters by the Biden Administration. The mainstream media, who fainted at the sight of an unmasked person and applauded as violators of the state-mandated Covid-19 restrictions were persecuted or prosecuted, now yawn as hundred of thousands of untested and often infected illegal immigrants are crowded together and then shipped all across the United States into unsuspecting communities.

Over and over we keep hearing that our immigration system is “broken.” It is not broken–it is just unenforced by people who do not want it to work and who are determined to see comprehensive immigration reform. This is a code-phrase and every time you hear it, insert the word amnesty. Joe Biden and the democrats are flooding America with the equivalent of the current population of several states, deliberately distributing them across the nation with a plan to permanently alter the demographic and political composition of this country. When these illegals are finally amnestied (the democrats and some republicans will not rest until it happens) they expect to have a permanent voting majority and our nation will be forever changed for the worse.

This fiasco at the border is not an “unintended” consequence of Biden’s well-intended but foolish progressive policies. It is a cynical, deliberate and criminal plot to overthrow our constitutional republican form of government. This massive revision to our nation is all the more maddening because it is being accomplished by a president who achieved the office through fraud and deceit [there, I said it!] whose party holds power with the barest of majorities in Congress and who can maintain this position of power only with the undisguised cooperation of the diabolically corrupt mainstream media.

“No Amendment is Absolute.”

It’s nice to know our president believes that. Of course we already knew that he and his “progressive” ilk do not believe that the Constitution itself is absolute. After all, it’s a “living, breathing document” that changes with the times. In other words, it doesn’t mean anything if it keeps them from doing what they want to do.

We’ve also known for a long time that the Second Amendment means nothing to them. Biden repeatedly claimed to be a “strong supporter” of the Second Amendment, often adding “I own a shotgun!” But he never hid his disdain for the right to keep and bear arms. In his eyes it means that the American people are entitled to own the firearms and ammunition that (for the moment) the government allows them to own. That’s like saying you have freedom of speech, provided you don’t say anything the government doesn’t like.

But now we know that he believes all the amendments are subject to interpretation, adjustment, change, disregard and whatever wind of government authority happens to blow. Drawing on Biden’s plans for the Second Amendment, some examples:

  • Freedom of religions is absolutely guaranteed — provided that your religion doesn’t offend anyone’s sexual preference or gender choices.
  • Freedom of the press will be respected — as long as the press does not report anything that the government considers “misinformation” (facts or opinions that are embarrassing or inconvenient to the regime).
  • Freedom to assemble is a fundamental right — provided that you are rioting, burning and looting in support of BLM, ANTIFA or against the police, law and order or White Supremacy (by which they mean anything or anyone they don’t like). Simply attending a Trump rally could be grounds for loss of employment, fines and imprisonment even if the crime does not include “meandering” through the Capitol Building.
  • The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effect against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated — except when raiding the homes of citizens suspected of harboring forbidden “weapons of war” (any firearm someone might use to resist oppression by a despotic government) or those suspected of other types of resistance against the exercise of tyrannical governmental authority.
  • No person shall be put in jeopardy of life or limb twice for the same offense — except when a “not guilty” verdict contradicts the expressed demands of a favored identity group.
  • No person may be compelled to testify or give evidence against themselves — unless the regime must use exceptional methods to discover the location of hidden arms caches that might be used to resist oppression by a tyrannical government.
  • Cruel and unusual punishment shall not be inflictedexcept that exceptions may be made for White Supremacists (conservatives, Trump supporters, etc.).
  • The enumeration of certain rights in the Constitution shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people — but since no amendment is absolute, there actually are no rights retained by the people except those recognized and permitted by the government. (In other words, there are no rights.)
  • The federal government shall have only the powers granted to it by the Constitution and all other powers are reserved to the states or to the people — except that in cases of emergency (that is, whenever it wants to) the federal government may impose restrictions on individual freedoms that it feels are necessary. (For example, closing schools and businesses, forbidding gatherings for church services, Trump rallies or Thanksgiving Dinners at private homes, requiring the wearing of masks to appear in public or a “Vaccination Passport” in order to travel.)
  • No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law — unless the government suspects them of especially heinous crimes, such as harboring forbidden weapons or war, being White Supremacists or resisting government power.
  • The right to vote may not be denied on the basis of race, color or previous condition of servitude. However, White Supremacists (whatever their race or color) may be disenfranchised to rectify past White Privilege and enforce “equity.”
  • No person shall be eligible to be elected President of the United States more than twice — unless, of course, there is an emergency.

Everybody (even Democrats) like to say, “we are a nation of laws!” but we all know that this is no longer true. We are a nation that is governed by the (almost) unrestrained use of force by our government. “Stroke of the pen–law of the land!” But the “Law of the Land” is the United States Constitution, and those amendments are all a part of that document. Anyone who can read and think can understand what it says and means. Anyone with any sense at all knows what shall not be infringed means. When the right of the American people to arm themselves to counter government tyranny is finally infringed to death, then you can erase that “(almost)” from the paragraph above. And then say goodbye to the 13th Amendment too.

After all, even the amendment abolishing slavery isn’t “absolute.”