I Hate History

This is a really clever song my sister wrote for the play, Sons of Liberty, and it is worthy of inclusion here. Click to hear the tune as you read the words. (No. I ain’t singing it.)

I Hate History
by Lynndale Paden (now Hardeman)

I hate history. I really do.
I can’t understand
Why our teachers demand
That we study what’s finished and through.
I hate history. It’s such a bore.
I cram in my head
Names of men that are dead
And read pages and pages of war.
It seems so irrelevant. What has it to do with today?
It seems so irrelevant. Why can’t we just throw it away?
Oh, I hate history. I really do.
In English or Lit there’s more reason to sit,
And in Math and Geography too.
In all other subjects that I ever had,
A genuine purpose I see
But I hate history!

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