Loss and Betrayal

There are two kinds of people who cry for more gun control: honest people who sincerely believe that gun control will help keep Americans safer and that safety is more important that freedom–or, to be fair, who simply cannot see the link between gun ownership and freedom; and dishonest and evil-intentioned people who know full well that more gun control will not solve the problem, but who understand that the complete disarming of the American people must be advanced however possible in order to achieve their ultimate goal, the end of the American republic as it was founded.

Really and truly, though, the American republic is already pretty-much dead. We are no longer a nation of laws with a government holding only powers ceded to it by the people at its founding in the United States Constitution. Unfortunately, that document is now nothing more than ink on paper. We live under a government where a corrupt and activist judiciary “interprets” the “living, breathing” constitution as it pleases, to meet its own goals; a congress that cares no more for the constitution than it does for the sovereignty of the United States; and an administration (read that “Department of Justice”) that enforces the law unequally, with preference, deference and no prosecution of the rich, powerful, connected and corrupt, and perverted and bizarrely twisted persecution of those who are just “ordinary” or, worse yet, antagonistic to the deep state.

There is only one thing that has kept the United States of America as free as it is for as long as it has: the millions of weapons in the hands of ordinary freedom-loving citizens. Just as our founding fathers understood, a would-be tyrant can enforce unjust laws and enslave an armed population only with their sufferance.